New Release In 2 days!

Share the news far and wide! Resurgence, the first book in my new Cobalt Rose series, comes out in 2 days! You can pre-order your digital copy now and it’ll be automatically beamed to your Kindle or Kindle App on the 31st.

Set in the distant future, when interstellar commerce is commonplace, and the Unified Government is preoccupied defending the frontiers of charted space, unchecked acts of aggression threaten to upset the delicate trade routes that span the backwater corners of Beta Sector.

When Kristin Glasco’s brother is murdered while investigating a series of mysterious vessel disappearances, she’s reluctantly drawn into a dangerous game of politics and piracy where she can’t trust anyone—especially her own crew of the Cobalt Rose.

Resurgence is the first book in the new Cobalt Rose series. If you’re looking for an action-packed story with exotic locations, snappy dialogue, and larger-than-life heroes and villains, you’ve come to the right place.

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