New Content System Is Online

Fan Club? Subscriber Service? I’m not sure what to call the new project I’m rolling out, so I’ll let you decide for yourself what it is and if you’d like to be a part of it.

The Basics

What is it? That’s the big question. In a nutshell, the new [insert your favorite term here] is a place for you to get in-depth information on Beta Sector, while simultaneously allowing me to create new and exciting content to include in that universe. Sound confusing? It’s pretty straightforward. Imagine getting a single page of a technical manual delivered to you each week, as well as a news clipping or short story that tells what you might have done in that universe that week.

Interested? Read on.

There are currently three levels you can join: Free Trader, Officer, and Diplomat.

Each has the same fundamental perks, but each is also custom tailored to provide a unique experience in the Beta Sector universe. Here are the fundamental perks every level gets:

You’ll get access to all the general Beta Sector information I publish. That includes maps, diagrams, planet and species descriptions and images, and most other musings and digital artwork. Your name will be added to the Beta Sector Census, maintained by the intrepid administrative minions of the Unified Census Bureau, and published annually on the site. Also, the service allows us to host live chat video sessions, so if we choose, we can all sit down and talk Beta Sector once or twice each month. Really, there are so many possibilities here.

New Data Feeds (what others would call “posts”) will appear on Mondays, and you’ll get a new one each week, for a total of 52 feeds per year. The level-specific customized Data Feeds will come out twice per month.

The Custom Perks

Separated by level:

Free Trader ($1.00 per month) – After being a part of this level for four consecutive months, you’ll receive (in the mail) a laminated card. This card will contain your name, the name of a vessel (of your choosing), the details of that vessel (determined randomly by me based on Beta Sector data I’ve created), and possibly the sector in which you do most of your trading. But your benefits don’t end there. While you’re busily plying the interstellar trade routes, I’ll also be working on ways to get you and your ship into Beta Sector works (novels, short stories, or whatever comes up). And everyone WILL get in somewhere at some point. It’s only a matter of time. You’ll also get access to “Trader Only” data that no one but this level will see (new worlds to explore, black markets, interesting rumors, etc.).

Officer ($3 per month) – After being in this tier for six consecutive months (let’s call this period “Officer Training”), I’ll send you a rank pin and certificate denoting your commission into Unified Sector Command as an officer in good standing. Along with your certificate, you’ll receive a copy of your orders to your first duty post. Perhaps you’ll be stationed planetside on the tropical paradise of Minos, or guarding the space lanes from pirates intent on plunder and destruction. Duty stations are randomly chosen, but I’ve created a lot of really fun ones. You’ll also receive a free digital copy of the latest Beta Sector novel as soon as it’s released. For each year after you receive your commission, you’re eligible for promotion to the next higher rank and a change in duty station. Everything is tracked on the site by me, so there’s no chance of you being passed over for that sweet OPS position on a frontline destroyer. And, right from the start, you’ll get access to “Officer Only” data that no one but this level will see (ship movements, battle logs, fleet data, etc.).

Diplomat ($5.00 per month) – The planet is yours! You will be assigned as the head government official of your own planet. Sound daunting? It is! There are so many things to worry about, from uprisings to economic growth, waste management to requests for asylum. Do you want Sector Command’s protection, or do you think you can handle it on your own? Maybe being a part of the Unified Collaboration of Systems wasn’t such a great idea, but it beats having to build up your own defense network and fend off attackers on your own. Or does it? The choices will be laid out for you (by me) and YOU get to decide what direction to take your people in. Don’t worry; I’ll be there to guide you along the way. After six months at this level, you’ll receive (in the mail) the latest Beta Sector novel in paperback. After twelve months at this level, you will receive a medal (made of metal) that signifies your position. Each year on the anniversary of that date you will receive more accolades. Right from the start, you’ll get access to “Diplomat Only” data that no one but this level will see (internal UCS political data, classified intelligence on other star systems, diplomatic affairs, etc.).

So . . . you see? You get to be a part of Beta Sector and I, in turn, will create more content based on what you do in Beta Sector. You’ll be woven into the fabric of the short stories and novels, as well as some of the other content that I’ll be sending out to everyone each month. This is one part blog, one part fundraiser, one part “choose your own adventure.” In the end, this is a way for you to support my work and to help fund the editing of these novels and stories. The more money I can raise each month, the more stories I can get edited. And I’ve got dozens of ideas for stories.

We’re going to try a trial run of the [?] for one year. This should allow everyone to get all the perks for their chosen levels. After that, we’ll see how well we’re doing and continue from there. I’ve got enough material on hand to cover at least three years of data feeds, short stories, and books.

That’s why I want to invite all of you to join Beta Sector today. I want everyone to be part of it, and the sooner you get in, the sooner you’re eligible for your perks!

Who knows? Perhaps someday I’ll be able to write full-time because of generous donations from beings such as yourself. One can dream.

You can find the service here:

If you have any questions, I’ll be more than happy to answer them in turn. There’s also a link to the Patreon site in the header of this site.

Thank you again for supporting all my work!

Stephen Fender

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