2 Weeks To Go! New Perk Level Opened!

We’ve officially reached the half-way point! With the writing process well under way, I’ve started working on the Beta Sector map that will be included with the digital perks. Yesterday I created the 2 meter x 2 meter template that will be used for the final image:


As a treat, I’ve opened a new perk level: “World Creator“. With this level, not only will you receive a hardcover copy of Master of the Void and all of the perks and stretch goals achieved delivered on special USB drive, but you get to name 2 planets that appear on the map! You can also provide as much information about those worlds to me as you like (general climate, length of day, species, etc.) and I’ll try my best to use it all. And those planets are guaranteed to appear in a Beta Sector novel. Spots are very limited, so claim your worlds today!

You can see the latest update by visiting the Kickstarter campaign here!

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