New Alternate History Novel!

The Sun Chasers was released last week world-wide!

Confident and cocky junior air race champion Alexander Gates is on his way to becoming a national air race celebrity. But when a gun-blazing bandit intrudes on a local event, Alex uses a loaned plane to take down the pirate in a desperate attempt to save those below. Only after the encounter does Alex learn his chances of going to the nationals are now shattered.

Despondent over his future prospects, Alex gets a surprise visit from his estranged older brother, the dashing Patrick Malone, and his personal squadron-for-hire, the Sun Chasers. But Patrick has more on his mind than making amends for past mistakes. He comes with a job offer that Alex can’t refuse.

But does Alex have what it takes to leave his world behind and join in the hunt for a stolen military prototype? He’s about to find out, because it’s up to the Sun Chasers and their newest recruit to stop the menace before it’s too late and the thieves’ ultimate plan is executed.